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Eden Canoes

A pathway towards Hope through Listening, Virtue, Skills and shared Activity.

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We work as a team to shape both boats and our community life.

Eden Canoes is an initiative in Eden NSW where Indigenous Mentors assist groups to construct, decorate and paddle tour canoes over a one week period. During this process, the Eden Canoe mentors share their life and culture as they guide the group to appreciate significant Cultural sites on and around Eden Waterways and as they explore aspects of Indigenous art. 


About Us

Eden Canoes is an initiative birthed in 2020 on the Far South Coast of NSW.  It continues as a dynamic dialogue of Indigenous organisations and Anglicare to enable secondary students to celebrate and explore Indigenous culture. We believe that the learning of culture is best done when a shared and vibrant activity enables a genuine encounter with indigenous people on their country. Our shared activity is to construct, decorate and paddle tour canoes with People of the Yuin Nation on their beautiful waterways of Eden, Pambula and Merimbula. This activity is led by a team of Indigenous Mentors/Boat Builders who share their building and art skills. Indigenous Elders and Youth welcome, share stories, and participate at key points to build trust towards a united and respectful future. The initiative invites participants to learn team and interpersonal skills, appreciate and apply aspects of Indigenous culture, and deepen their own sense of self and become aware of new potentials.



‘Eden Canoes’ hold workshops for firms, schools or groups of individuals so that they can enjoy the art of boatbuilding, explore the stories that have shaped community, with special attention to local and indigenous stories, and experience the natural beauty of our Eden waterways. 

Workshops may be further ‘tailored’ to the ethos of the participating group while still falling within the broad ethos of ‘Eden Canoes’. 

Cultural Awareness

Team Building

Creativity & Skills

Building community spirit within your team...

Our workshops can be tailor made to suit your needs whether you're a community organisation, corporation or school. 



  • Public Schools

  • Private Schools

  • Youth people at risk

Image by Omar Lopez

Community Orgs

  • Reintegration programs

  • Community Service Providers

  • Not-for-Profits

Image by Hannah Busing


  • Reconciliation Action Plans for Orgs and Corporations

  • Team Building Events

Benefits & Impact of our Workshops

  1. Cultural Awareness

  2. Team Building

  3. Cohesion and Resilience

  4. Self-esteem building 

  5. Creativity as skills are learnt and explored.  

  6. Promotion of positive physical & emotional health. 

  7. A more accepting and integrated community where difference is both respected and celebrated. 



Register your group!

Want to find out more about our workshops and how they can work for you team, organisation or school group. 

Please provide you name and organisation.

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